Many people have composed compositions for the same saint Istanbul, and some have sung poems, while the career propeller we call "modern", who is caught in the flow of life, is unaware of the aesthetics of Istanbul, the world capital, the cradle of civilizations.
Madrasahs, mosques, fountains, etc., spilled into every district like leaves falling on the road. While there are so many works of art, 20 million of our citizens cannot see or feel. I hope that eyes, ears and hearts are not sealed and opened.
Art is seeing. If everyone who looks at the same place does not see the same thing, it must be sunnah. What we are fond of is our destiny.
When my dear parent was very sensitive about my education, I was just as carefree due to the dialectic. I was interested in almost everything except school, I was looking for new colors and sounds. With a bit of monkey appetite and a bit of enthusiasm from childhood, I sometimes found myself at the DJ mixer, sometimes in the rebellious conversations of fisherman grandfathers on the beach of İnciraltı...
As you mentioned, my childhood was very enjoyable, especially at a time when news broke out that people who listen to rock were satanists with the motive of breaking the rules. At that time, I was visiting Rufai-Serrahi lodges and taking singing lessons from a musician through an older brother I met. That's when I started to strengthen my perspective.
I remember the opera as an unstoppable cry, and for me it was the rarest example of being both powerful and graceful. I have internalized that being strong and capable is not the ultimate goal, that we have to put our social duties into aesthetics.
Rather than the effect of opera on painting, I felt that each art stimulated the other. I thought that I did not have to fix myself in a single branch, just as the same scholar in our history was both a jurist and algebraist, or a person who was at the peak of philosophy also delved into the depths of medicine.
In my opinion, art and culture start to sprout once you learn to look.
My father would meet with a few of his teacher friends and perform dhikr and meşk rites with the accompaniment of the ney and oud. For example, my capture of the aesthetic there is the result of the energy released while listening to the blues, which emerged as a rest to the colonialism of the west. I instrumentalized art just like politics, that day was a milestone.
What is business now? Isn't being 'busy' busy? Let's stop and think about why we are doing this while we are busy with something. We either enjoy it or we have to.
If the main goal is to make a living, producing art is itself the process of constipation. I think what you produce to meet your expenses and standard expenses ceases to be art. As a philosophical cliché, “what is art for, for art or for the public?” If you ask İsmail Şanal, art is for yourself, but the answer to the question 'what do you live for' also determines the meaning of his works.
Everyone wants to be famous, everyone wants to be rich. The important part of the job and what determines your character is what kind of life you lead when you have these opportunities.
This is how art is, thousands of people create works of art, but it has to find its meaning in order to sign the ages. In order to make sense of the work of art, one must first make sense of his own life.
The common feature of world-famous painters is that they develop their own unique style. In other words, drawing a fruit in a pastel tone or in detail in a still life painting will not make a significant contribution to the history of art, so it will not take you anywhere. You don't need to watch any of the thousands of cars that go from point A to point B at the same speed and discipline. Some artists lurch like a drunk driver, and when their course becomes strange, they gain national or global fame in an interesting way. Some artists throw themselves out of the existing roads like offroad vehicles and reveal their style. As a matter of fact, the variations on the yogurt eating of every brave man…
What am I doing! Most of the time, I prepare my strong, black coffee while one of the music genres that I have been trembling about for more than twenty years is strumming in a low voice. My coffee, which I usually prepare in a giant mug, turns out to be icy, especially if it hangs the next day or something like tar, it's worthy of my mouth.
I can complete a large painting in about 4 to 10 days. Sometimes I suspend the painting arbitrarily, sometimes I don't touch it for a month.
It is a very important process that I spent days and weeks pondering over the sketch long before I picked up the brush. It may be reminiscent of chess, but in order to create the most original works, it is possible to encourage the imagination and reach the throne with the strongest tides.
The frame I hope is to reflect the intelligence of Nasreddin Hodja, the dervishness of Yunus Emre, and the wisdom of Dede Korkut in these brightest streets of the planet.
It would be like advertising my book, but there I described the abstract as follows: Abstract is not invisible, it is what those who do not know cannot see!
Abstract is the point where materialism and rationalism end and we start.
Joy, virtue, morality, principle and serenity are always abstract and the West keeps repeating the biggest mistake by linking it to concrete material possibilities.
Abstract has become the most modern face of rejecting patterns.
The pinnacle of mathematics is abstract mathematics!
Abstract painting is so interesting that they tell you to write a poem, but we have only one condition, you will not use words.
Abstract painting, which is the heaviest vessel of contemporary art, is not subject to notification and marketing. It works like a radio broadcasting on a hidden frequency, and no one but the one who specifically seeks it can find it. He doesn't want to be found either, if his value will not be appreciated.
Atom cannot split itself. He who knows, knows the iota.”
A person decides for himself where and how he will be positioned during the course of life, which in our understanding of destiny is the greatest blessing and burden that the Creator has bestowed upon us.
I have a defensive mentality in the intellectual sense, but I could not possibly like it. I feel a sense of belonging to total aggression. Expressionist painting has become one of my alternatives to staging our values beyond traditional methods.
If "Aziz Istanbul" offers us the fruits of crime, murder, plunder and virtue, benevolence and virtue on the same tray, I decided to overturn the table with the tray. Report if you want, sit and watch if you want.
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