I sense the depression brought by the bland seasons dragging us with our dry souls and the colorless lives clinging to either power or greed, and the grace demolished and taken away by them.
Art is the endless forest that you come across while looking for a dry bough to bloom or a sapling to green within the solitude of a city.
My art is the path to peace and I have walked upon it with virtue and enthusiasm all my life.
Because I want to be within your sight almost all the time…Because I want to be within your sight almost all the time…
Because I do not want to be remembered for months, or years after a scene such as a feast…
To be the story of existing on your wall to remind you of something, not simply to be remembered. I become a beam from the sun, the sound of the waves, the smell of the earth everywhere you breathe, live, and enjoy, and I challenge ashen with my brushes and paint.
I will not put the atmosphere desolated by matter across my soul riding across the realm of meaning.
I will blow the immense energy accumulated in my gyrus all across the heavens and the earth.
We won’t queue up, wait at the door, or be on the rail!
Coloring the spontaneous feelings from the heart rather than surrendering to the habituated.
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